5 Things I Can’t Live Without: Spring 2021

These are 5 things I use every. single. day.

1) Kombucha

I know, I know, I used to think it was disgusting too. But Kombucha has quickly become one of my favorite treats. The taste truly did grow on me, and now this is the most refreshing drink. The probiotics leave my stomach feeling good and with just a bit of caffein, I get a little boost. Next time you’re wanting to reach for a soda or lemonade, give Kombucha a try.

Synergy is my favorite brand of Kombucha. The flavors are refreshing and usually on sale at Target!

2) My skincare routine

Okay, this one is sort of cheating because this is clearly not one product. But being consistent with my morning and evening routine has changed my skin and these products are my favorites. In a nutshell, I start with Lark Skin Co’s cleansing balm to remove makeup and dirt. Then I move to Lark’s toner and my Ordinary serums. Finally, I moisturize with Svens in the morning (SPF every day!) or my Trader Joe’s favorite at night. Keeping this routine has kept my skin healthy and is great way to start and end every day.

My current skincare routine

3) Veja sneakers

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned these on this blog, but ever since I bought my Veja sneakers (almost 2 years ago now!) they have been on my feet almost every day. I’m a fan of versatile sneakers always, and these have been a constant favorite. I could see myself buying another pair when these get too worn. Everyone needs a pair of comfortable, fresh sneakers to throw on with jeans or a dress.

4) Spotify

Especially as the weather heats up, I constantly have my music on. Whether on a run, picnicking outside, or driving with the windows down, my Spotify is on a rotation of my favorite playlists. I truly could not live without it. Linked is what I currently have on repeat.

5) Blue Light Reading Glasses

Like the old lady that I am, I have a prescription for readers. This year I decided to upgrade to a pair that included blue light for looking at computer screens. We have all lived on our laptops over the last year when working and studying online, making protecting our eyes that much more important. As someone already prone to headaches from reading and screens, these glasses have definitely been a lifesaver. Not to mention, they add some style to your zoom meetings 😉

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

These are just a few of my current favorite things! Let me know if you try them out.

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