Best Eats Ever: STL

Eating is like driving a car — some do it because they have to, and others truly enjoy the ride. I most certainly find myself in the latter group. As said by Anthony Bourdain, “People confuse me. Food doesn’t.”

“People confuse me. Food doesn’t.”

– Anthony Bourdain

It’s the best social activity, the best thing to do when you’re sad, and the best thing to do when you’re happy. As someone who loves food and trying new foods, I thought it was only fitting to start this series where I call home: St. Louis, MO.

The food scene in St. Louis is diverse and always growing. With multiple different neighborhoods, all with their own unique personalities, there truly is something for everyone. I feel lucky to have been able to start my food-loving journey right in the 314. Read on for (in no particular order) a few of the best eats ever in St. Louis.

Polite Society

just about anything on the menu.

Polite Society will always have a special place in my heart. I worked there as a hostess for two summers in college after my parents moved to the Lafayette Square neighborhood. The ambiance is unmatched – a friendly neighborhood spot with an elevated, sophisticated menu. I have never been disappointed with the ever-changing menu, but there are a few must-have items. I never thought I would crave broccolini but here we are, the Crispy Broccolini appetizer will be your new fav. First-timers have to order the Pork Osso Bucco, a menu staple that never misses. Honorable mentions to the Jimmy Burger, which might be one of the best burgers in town.

Seoul Taco

burrito with spicy pork

This is one of those things that you eat and never forget. There is truly nothing else that can satisfy a Seoul Taco craving. This Korean-Mexican fusion features unique flavors that can’t be replicated. My go-to order is the burrito with spicy pork (and a side of chips and queso of course). The heat of the pork balances perfectly with the Seoul sauce. Yes, I am drooling just thinking about it. The bowls, quesadillas, and tacos are also delicious, but nothing compares to a hardy burrito in my book.

Jane’s go-to order: the spicy pork burrito.

Sugarfire Smokehouse

pulled pork sandwich with white barbecue sauce

With my dad being from Kansas City, we are serious about our barbecue. Sugarfire has been a favorite since they opened their first location in St. Louis on Olive. Now with 15 locations, there might be one closer to you than you think. When I’m craving a barbecue meal, the pulled pork sandwich always hits the spot. There are sauces for every taste, but the white barbecue sauce adds some tang and is my favorite combo. As far as sides go, the menu is always changing but I opt for mac and cheese when possible. Even as the footprint grows Sugarfire will always be a 314 spot to me where I know I can count on a tasty meal.

Lulu’s Local Eatery

lulus gyro and buffalo cauliflower bites

Clearly, I’m a meat-eater, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some plant-based goodness. When I’m looking for something lighter, Lulu’s Local Eatery is a great choice. The menu features mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian options that even this meat-eater can get behind. The Lulus Gyro surprised me with how tasty portobello could be. And of course, a self-proclaimed buffalo lover, buffalo cauliflower bites are probably my favorite way to eat my veggies. Vegetarians, vegans, and anyone looking for a tasty meal, Lulu’s will not disappoint.

Lion’s Choice

large roast beef meal with cheddar and chipotle ranch

My St. Louis people will understand this one. No trip home is complete without a stop at LC. Lion’s Choice is known for roast beef sandwiches. Even as the quick-service chain grows into parts of Kansas and Illinois, I find that the rare, thinly sliced roast beef always hits. This meal is just plain tasty. If you find yourself near a Lion’s Choice and you need a quick meal, stop in and have one of my favorite tastes of home. (and if anyone you know every compares Lion’s Choice to Arby’s, run.)

A little throwback to senior year homecoming – a pit stop at Lion’s Choice before the dance was essential.

Of course I could go on and on. All my love to St. Louis. I’ll be home for the Summer, so we can assume there are more best eats to come!

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